Small Business Loans – Is It Possible To Get One?

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Loans to small companies so-called small business loans are a special product that is intended for companies that have a turnover of up to a few million / year.

How much can a small business borrow?

How much can a small business borrow?

A small company, SMEs can borrow up to SEK 500,000, depending on creditworthiness, the company’s age and a few other factors. When a loan is to be approved, certain criteria must always be met. This is because the lender’s risk should not be too large, the greater the risk the higher the interest rate. Because the entire business model for the lender is based on getting back the borrowed money + interest and fees. This is also why the interest rate may be slightly higher for this type of loan.

Why don’t the banks offer corporate loans for┬ásmall business owners?

small business owners?

One of the reasons is that in terms of cost, it is no difference for the bank to lend SEK 100,000 or to lend SEK 10,000,000, on the other hand, they earn a lot more money by lending 10 million, the interest income is 100 times as large and it is Therefore, it is not so difficult to understand that the bank would rather do business with large companies that can afford to borrow larger amounts. We want to change this so that even you who have a small company should be able to borrow money without going into the personal guarantee of the loan.

How is it possible to take a small business loan?

How is it possible to take a small business loan?

Taking a corporate loan or small business loan goes in the same way as taking any loan. You fill in your details, name, company name, organization number, email address, phone number, etc. Then you submit the form with the application and follow the procedure that then decides. You have the money on your account within a day from the time your application was approved. So it’s just to get started and write together an application. Please read our guide if you want to think about when to product development. It is good and gives you a few things to think about so that everything runs as painlessly as possible. Now it is time to apply for a corporate loan.

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