How Small Businesses Benefit from Cream Finance: Short Term Loans

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Whether you are a relatively new or a small business in Indonesia, the issue of timely and easy availability of funds remains an issue. Access to funds for scaling up business operations, investment in technology, and infrastructure remains a plaguing issue for most SMEs and acts as a deterrent for these businesses to realize their full potential. Access to commercial finance is an option for small businesses with lengthy and document intensive procedures and requirements for fixed asset collateral.

The landscape in Indonesia is changing and how! Short term loans offered by alternative lending institutions such as Investing is your answer to accessing uncollateralized short term loans for your business. Cream Finance is the leading peer-to-peer lending institution for providing online finance to SMEs and individuals. No company can survive without adequate cash flows and by availing the services of trustworthy financial ally Cream Finance, many businesses have benefited in scaling their business revenues.


Convenient online application

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Cream Finance is a financial technology company and hence believes in minimal paperwork. You can apply on Cream Finance’s website in your office, at a restaurant or in the comfort of your home as long as you are connected to the internet. The simple online application form takes only 15 minutes to fill and is easy to understand. No need to come physically for a loan application.


Quick approval

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Digital fintech lender Cream Finance has a built in marketplace platform to ensure quick approval within 3-5 days as opposed to weeks or even months that financial institutions or banks take with their lengthy paperwork and back and forth processes. We know that timing is everything and providing the loan approval and disbursal funds at the right time means more money saved and higher revenue growth.


Customer friendly process

Many SMEs have had the experience of having their loans turned down by banks and traditional financial institutions due to the lack of fixed assets collateral. Most instances also show that the eligibility criteria for a loan are very rigid and does not suit a growing SME’s loan requirements which can be very disheartening. Customer friendly Cream Finance understands your needs and as a digitally enabled lender we look to provide you with customized lending solutions even for SME’s as young as 1 year old!


Assortment of loan products

loan products

Be it traditional invoice financing or supply chain financing or new age e-commerce seller financing, Cream Finance looks to cater to different business needs of a large range of Indonesian SME’s. We understand that each business has different requirements at various points of time and we look to constantly develop and evolve innovative products to suit all different types of working capital loans. Our loan tenors are very flexible, ranging from as small as 30 days to 12 months customized to suit your business needs while keeping in mind the need for affordable finance.


Affordable and collateral free

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Compared to traditional informal sources of funds (money lenders) and banks / financial institutions who demand a fixed asset collateral, online peer-to-peer lenders Cream Finance is a much more affordable lending option with all charges and interest rates mentioned upfront. We are transparent in our interest rates and charges and do not have any hidden fees involved. We assess SME’s business performance and other factors to provide working capital loans and do not require any fixed asset collateral.

SME’s are the growth engine for the Indonesian economy and design a business climate where they can drive and grow. The availability of working capital finance although new age digital fintech lenders such as Cream Finance will help the SME segment march forward and contribute significantly to the growth of the Indonesian economy.

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